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People ride bikes on snow weather through the city

Do you want to cycle yearlong?

But facing weather, terrain & luggage limitations?

We understand you!

CityQ - is developed to make cycling comfortable for everyone, independent of weather, car traffic and parking regulations.



Imagine a Car-eBike

CityQ eBike brings you car-like comfort and technologies, capability to transport children safely and the ability to carry additional luggage. It is developed for daily urban commuting, and can be driven both on car & bike lanes.

CityQ offers the comfort & safety-feeling of a small car, but still being an eBike with max 25kmh. It is highly customisable, and can be configured to carry 2 adults, 1 adult and two children or cargo.

CityQ: Reinventing Urban-mobility

CityQ may look like a car – but it is not much larger than a cargo-bike. with width of only 87cm it weights approx 70kg.

With a powerful motor up to 250W and max speed of 25kmh, It is aligned with European regulations for eBikes. So, as a driver you can pedal in bike lanes, streets, by the beach, up & down hill, under the rain and any other weather conditions and terrains.

CityQ has two powerful batteries that can easily be charged at home, which gives you a range of 70-100km drive per charge.

Imagine your next vehicle being a car-eBike.

Imagine cycling whenever you want despite the weather, traffic or luggage limitations.
Imagine transporting your dear ones safely, your children, your bags and don't forget the doggy.Not having to use the car or public transport going to the shop or gym, also being able to get to work, around the city or to the Beach :D
All of that without having to worry about parking, driving license or rainy days.