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Why don’t we bicycle all year?


75% don’t bike in rain or frost.

Imagine bicycling safely, dry and comfortable in all weather.

Imagine having a CityQ door to door.

Do you need a cargo ebike to go shopping or bring your children?


Imagine having a CityQ with multiple rooms for shopping bags

and your children strapped in the back seat.

Cargo and passenger ebikes

with 3 to 4 wheel will be a fast growing type of ebikes.


Already more than every 5 ebike sold in Germany are multi wheel.

By 2026 global sales are expected to surplus 3 million.

This is not just an e-bike


CityQ is an IT- and OEM platform for a range of new e-bikes.

We work with partners wanting customized or their own branded version of CityQ.

Join the CityQ movement

Do you believe in making an impact for Cities and sustainable mobility?

Pilot projects and R&D partnership

IT-and Software platform

OEM and customized vehicles

Joint sales in Europe together with partners

Become one of our innovation partners!

Includes access to the very pilot version of the very first vehicles.

CityQ embassador - Support CityQ and get a priority and discount ticket.

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Let´s talk about future mobility