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About CityQ

CityQ HQ is located in Oslo, Norway, with a core team managed by founder Morten Rynning.

We benefit from strong Scandinavian design and early adoption within eMobility, including Electric Vehicles, Micro Mobility and LEV.

However, we are a true international corporation operating with experts teams in several countries and cross over experience from both the EV, ebike and motorbike.


Join our team and network

We believe in learning and partnering from the best. So we welcome anyone wanting to join our network and be part of our amazing team of engineers, LEV, programmers and eMobility experts.

Awarded grants from both Innovation Norway and Nordic Innovation.


Backed by Strong International Partners:

KnowIT  Swedish public listed IT-company with expertise within eMobility.

Sharebike – MaaS and e-bike experts.

Asian mobility vendor with innovating vehicle platform.


Member of

LEVA -  - European trade association for LEV

SAMS -  - Network of autonomous driving and eMobility experts



Become one of our innovation partners!

Includes access to the very pilot version of the very first vehicles.

CityQ embassador - Support CityQ and get a priority and discount ticket.

CityQ movement - Get newsletter and help us info to share across social media and local cities.

Let´s talk about future mobility