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Reinventing The Wheel

CityQ may look like a car – but it is not much larger than a cargo-bike. with width of only 87cm it weights approx 70kg.

With a powerful motor up to 250W and max speed of 25kmh, It is aligned with European regulations for ebikes. So, as a driver you can pedal in bike lanes, streets, by the beach, up & down hill, under the rain and any other weather conditions and terrains.

CityQ has two powerful batteries that can easily be charged at home, which gives you a range of 70-100km drive per charge.

How IT works:

CityQ has pedals, but uses electric drive instead of chain.

The user operates the vehicle through an app and mobile dashboard.

An onboard computer manages the vehicles.

Through CityQ cloud the vehicle can be tracked and remotely upgraded.

Let´s talk about future mobility