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CityQ currently position itself somewhere between an eBike and a car, or, more specifically Car-eBike, it's a revolutionary concept that allows you having the best of both worlds - weather protection, safety and comfort of a car combined with the ability to pedal, drive in bike/car lanes and all good features of a bike.

 – CityQ is made to easily integrated into the existing urban infrastructure.

Charging your CityQ at home on a normal power outlet, is expected to fully charge in less than 5 hours.

Using a normal power outlet at home. The interchangeable, rechargeable battery system makes it very easy to use. The battery can be removed.

Just like any bicycle, CityQ can also be propelled solely by pedalling.

CityQ can accommodate one adult passenger behind you or two children.

Depending on the route, amount of electricity used and pedalling frequency, CityQ can travel about 50 km and 100km with a second battery.


Yes CityQ has different driving modes that can easily be set using the app including a reverse mode

CityQ speed limit is max 25km/h according to Eu regulations for it to qualify as an eBike and drive in bike lanes.

The speed can be adjusted according to each country's regulations

We have managed to make the turning circle as small as 5m. This makes it possible to turn into a one-lane road in a single maneuver.


CityQ can accommodate one adult passenger behind you or two children.

Total Price of CityQ is Euro 7450,- ex VAT & freight ** There will discounts opportunities to be offered to all Ambassadors **Prices may be adjusted slightly before your final confirmation. Also prices will depending on your final spec