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Investment opportunity

  • Within sustainable transport and bike-as-a-service

  • A EUR 15bn market - with 60% annual growth last years

  • Cycling by software - and global fleet management

eBike with Car-like comfort

  • CityQ is weather protected and with car-like comfort and IT platform.
  • You can drive it door-to-door and park it anywhere.
  • Planned built-in IT-platform for rental & managing the bike remotely.
  • Ideal for both personal transport and last-mile deliveries.


Booming interest for new eBikes

  • The eBike market is fast growing, including for 3-4 wheels eBikes.
  • Last two years, cargo- and family eBikes grew by 60%.
  •  Estimated annual sales to reach 1-2 million units in Europe by 2030.

Both family eBike and cargo eBike

  • Will be offered as both family and cargo model with built-in support for rental.
  • The family ebike will have rear seat for 2 children and space for cargo.
  • The CityQ cargo model will have large lockable box at rear platform.

First unit delivered to pilot customer

First cargo unit being delivered to Upsteam – an order of 10 units to be used for mobile car wash.

Pilot customers across Europe ready to order test fleets

More than 1000 registered with interest to buy


Cycling with software

  • CityQ removes the chain and replace mechanical parts with software.
  • New cycling innovation together with international partners.
  • Similar to cars like Tesla – this enables software managed drive modes.

Already signing up preorders and pilot customers 

  • More than 100 early bird preorders with prepayment
  • Pilot customer within cargo and city services
  • Fully prepaid corporate customers

Most promissing net zero emission start up

  • CityQ has been selected as one if most promising net zero emission startup. CityQ has also taken place within climate conference with support to raise funding to deliver CityQs All across Europe.
  • CityQ invites investors to web meetings via 
Interested in investing?

Global interest for CityQ innovation

  • More than 400 international news stories.
  • Awarded 2 green tech grants.
  • Scandinavian design and technology – for the European shift toward green mobility.

CityQ in the news