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As cities restrict car traffic in inner cities

  • 38% of families in cities will no longer have their own car
  • fast growing city services and logistics becomes dependent on 3-4 wheel cargo bikes
  • with COVID and restrictions on public transport – ebikes are now all sold out

More families and companies now plan to bike year around 

They prefer a weather protected, safe and convenient 4 wheel Car-ebike with the capability and technology of a modern car.

“It’s like cycling with a Tesla feeling.”   


Among one of the most attractive and fast growing industries for investors in years to come

  • Dramatic change away from cars towards cycling and micro mobility - reshaping urban transport. A USD 500billion market by 2030. (McKinsey)
  • 34% growth annually. Annual sales in Europe alone. From just above 50,000 family/cargo ebikes in 2018 – towards 600,000 in 8 years. (RolandBerger & CQ)

First Combined Family ebike and Cargo ebike with built-in support for rental

  • Scandinavian & German engineering and design.
  • Built for multi use missions: Personal transport as well as a new cost effective vehicle platform for commercial applications.
  • Last mile logistics is picking up due to traffic restrictions and sustainability agendas.

By integrating solar panel CityQ customers may become independent of charging infrastructure

Awarded several grants, potentially making the first autonomous ebike.

CityQ innovation – making the IT- and hardware platform for future smart ebikes

  • Innovation replacing mechanical parts with software – reducing both capex and opex
  • Very Attractive offering for both cargo operators and private rental, as well as for CQ

Already signing up preorders and pilot customers 

  • More than 100 early bird preorders with prepayment
  • Pilot customer within cargo and city services
  • Fully prepaid corporate customers

Invitation to Angel Investors:

  • Be part of the shift towards green, urban e-moblity by creating a fast growing business. 
  • Invest EUR 1 million to deliver the CityQ to customers already preordered and prepaying
  • Match public grants to deliver upon pilots with strong partners, cities and cargo transport
  • Address Series A investors already interested in joining to scale CityQ
Interested in investing?
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Building a global operation in 5 years

  • Establishing strong network of international partners within transport industry 
  • Multiple resellers across Europe
  • Production partners available with license opportunity

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