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Estonian and Norwegian startup awarded with Green ICT grant:
Innovating ebike shall clean dirty cars in city

This is the ebike to clean dirty cars across cities in Europe. The clean-up teams in UpSteamhave 500 cars to visit and wash while parked. And instead of going by car – the teams will cycle by the CityQ customized “car-wash cargo bike”.

“UpSteam is a green clean tech company, so replacing our own car traffic with cycling makes sense. And withCityQ we can bring all our equipment by ebike – and not having to worry about traffic, parking or car free areas. It is efficient, sustainable and innovating – aligned with our UpSteam mission,” says Martin Kristerson in UpSteam.

UpSteam has already tested its mobile car wash operation in the Baltics, the Nordics and Poland. The plan is tobecome a Pan-European clean tech company.

The UpSteam start-up has ordered 10 customized CityQ ebikes. The project started this autumn, and the firstCityQ cargo ebike will be delivered early 2021. The project has been awarded a Norwegian – Estonia grant – ICT Green. Following the initial order, the parties intend to partner to offer CityQ for rent and lease.CityQ is a new type of ebike – a high tech, weather protected ebike. A bike looking somewhat like a car, and with downsized car technologies and capabilities.
“In order to replace car traffic with cycling, cities need this type of innovation. Only 30% of us cycle in bad weather. CityQ makes cycling more convenient. And similar to electric cars we replace mechanics with software and connectivity. As with a Tesla car or your smart phone, CityQ can be repaired, updated and added newfunctionalities via the web - by automatic software updates and new App versions,” according to founder of CityQ, Morten Rynning.

CityQ is looking to downsize car technology and capability into a 4 wheels ebike - a super light and small
computer on wheels; managed by edge and power for a MaaS cloud infrastructure.
Smart micro mobility will change urban transport in the next 10 years. The e-mobility market is fueled by all cities to reduce car traffic - and all transport to become green EV's with increased focus on
connectivity and integrated towards cloud services.
The market is expected to reach USD 500 billion by 2025
This viewed is shared by leading experts such as McKinsey, Roland Berger, Novazure and Y-mobility.
About CityQ
CityQ is an electric bicycle with doors and full weather protection, and with a cargo bed for luggage and rear seats for 2 children. An ebike but without mechanical chain or gears. CityQ is the new ebike with car capabilities, making the shift from car to bicycling easier.

CityQ intro video:

For more info: Martin Kristerson, CEO and co-founder UpSteam, M: (+372) 5819 4623,
Morten Rynning, CEO and co-founder, M: (+47) 90020538,
CityQ: and Linkedin:
About Green ICT
The Green ICT Program in Estonia is a business development program aiming to increase value creation and sustainable growth in the Estonian business sector. The Program is part of the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021. CityQ is a Scandinavian start up, developing the Car-eBike since early 2017. Weather protected ebike with 4 wheels and car
alike capabilities and technology. CityQ has made 4 units in 2 generations, and will be launched to market in 2021. Customers have already started preordering via